Our Mission

Welcome to First Bra Foundation℠, a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving every breast cancer survivor a symbol of renewal – a new bra.

Qualified under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) as a tax-exempt, charitable organization, and governed by an independent board of directors, First Bra provides a free bra of her choice to any woman who has undergone treatment related to breast cancer. Read more about how we began.

First Bra is a supportive, responsive advocate of breast cancer survivors. Opportunities for breast cancer survivors to receive assistance with post-treatment bra selection, outside the clinical environment, are few and far between. And First Bra intends to change that.

Through First Bra’s simple gift of a new bra, the breast cancer survivor receives meaningful support and acknowledgement of her battle through the symbolic and real support of renewing her life.

We understand that finding that first bra as a breast cancer survivor is a moment a woman never forgets. Now that moment can become one filled with understanding and support instead of anxiety.

Contact us to make a donation or, if you are a survivor, request a bra online.