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First Bra Foundation℠ provides a survivor a free bra of her choice, along with a personalized fitting experience. We understand that finding that first bra as a breast cancer survivor can be a challenging moment. And we want to make that moment as easy and anxiety-free as possible.

Here’s how it works.

Request Process

To request a certificate of support, simply fill out the form below. We’ll email your personal, nontransferable certificate, which you can print or show electronically to the designated merchant. Your certificate will indicate the merchant and retail location for you to visit to receive your bra and fitting.

Our Merchants

First Bra is fortunate to work with several lingerie stores who will fulfill requests for bras and fittings. First Bra’s board of directors will review your application to identify the lingerie store that best “fits” your needs. If you are interested in becoming a First Bra merchant, please fill out this form.

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